Garden Shed

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Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are more than just storage spaces; they are the heart of your outdoor area. We build and supply a range of garden sheds and Clearlite glasshouses to offer you not just storage solutions, but also dedicated spaces for your plants to thrive. Our sheds can accommodate everything from lawnmowers to bicycles, keeping your outdoor space clutter-free. Whether you need a compact shed for a small garden or a spacious one for extensive storage, our collection offers versatile solutions to meet your requirements.

Clearlite Glasshouses

Clearlite glasshouses are specialised structures that provide an enclosed environment for growing plants, flowers, and vegetables. These glasshouses are equipped with transparent or translucent walls and roofs made from high-quality materials which allow sunlight to penetrate and create a controlled environment for plant growth. A lower band of steel ensures the glasshouse is stable and won’t bend under adverse weather conditions.

We can install Clearlite glasshouses in your garden to provide a controlled environment for cultivating plants that require specific temperature conditions. We have various sizes and designs to add an aesthetic touch to your gardens.

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