How Much Will it Cost?


There are various factors that can affect pricing such as material choice and if the property is single storey or two storey. We will try and cover a few scenarios to give you a rough idea. We will base the pricing on an average single storey house with 50 lineal metres of spouting with 6 – 8 corners and 3 down pipes.

  • To supply and install in Continuous Colorsteel Spouting with internal powdercoated aluminium brackets including removing and disposing of existing spouting would be $1650 incl GST.
  • To Supply and install 3 down pipes in PVC add $375 incl GST or in Colorsteel add $495 incl GST. To do the same installation all in Copper including the down pipes with brass brackets it would cost $ 4300 incl GST.
  • As mentioned if all or part of the house is two storey scaffold or access equipment may be required. This can typically range from $1000- $3000. If your home has overhead power lines coming in under the spouting we will require it to be turned off for a short time which will add $360 to the cost.
  • As mentioned the price may be higher if there are a lot of corners or a lot of small lengths and obviously if there are more metres, but as rough guide for a full house allow $33 incl GST per metre in colorsteel and $70 incl GST for Copper supplied and installed.
  • Another common spouting system is Taylor gutter which is a hidden internal system. To replace these systems in Colorsteel it costs roughly $65 incl GST per metre. These are pre made in 7m lengths.
  • Other options are snow straps which cost $5 per strap and are installed every 500mm to meet insurance company requirements. Also we can install a metal screen from the spouting to the roof which keeps out leaves, birds and rodents and is also an excellent snow strap cost is $35 per metre.

Another product we are asked to price is Plastic spouting. We do not really have a price for this as it is more expensive than Colorsteel and we generally talk customers out of using it as it is an inferior product to our own. We have tried to cover as much as possible with this pricing guide but obviously every installation is different so please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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