Downpipes & Rainheads

Experience Seamless Water Diversion!

Improve Drainage with Downpipes

Downpipes, also known as drain pipes or downspouts, are essential components of a building's gutter system. They are vertical pipes that carry rainwater collected from the gutters down to the ground or drainage system to prevent water damage and erosion. They are typically attached to the corners of a building and contribute to the integrity of the structure and surrounding landscape.

We supply and install a range of downpipes in COLORSTEEL and ColorCote, PVC, Zincalume or Copper to suit different architectural styles and weather conditions. Our round or square downpipes are available in steel or copper with 80mm and 65mm diameters.

Make A Statement with Rainheads

Rainheads, also known as rainwater heads or collector heads, are architectural elements installed at the top of downpipes or vertical pipes in a gutter system. They are used to prevent backflow of water into the gutters, especially during intense storms. Rainheads have built-in filters or mesh screens that help prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from entering the drainage system to ensure smooth water flow.

We have a collection of rainheads in COLORSTEEL and ColorCote, Zincalume or Copper. Our rainheads are suitable for large capture areas or where architects specify.

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