Spouting Profiles

Beautiful & Functional Spouting Profiles

Continuous Spouting and Gutter Profiles Range

Spouting profiles come in several designs and colours. No matter what look you are going for, we will be able to find something that works. In continuous spouting we offer two gutter profiles which are designed to suit New Zealand homes. If neither of these spouting profiles suit your needs, we can source various sectional spouting profiles. We work with all the major roll-formers in Christchurch to provide any type of spouting you want. We also have several profiles of pre-run spouting on site in our factory.

Continuous Spouting Profiles

Our continuous spouting machines run Quarter Round and Old Gothic in different colours of COLORSTEEL and ColorCote ranges. The machines also run Copper coils.

The Old Gothic Profile The Old Gothic Profile has stood the test of time and is suitable on older and modern style homes. An extremely strong & versatile profile.
Quarter Round Profile The Quarter Round profile continues to grace the exterior of many traditional New Zealand homes but also looks great on new homes. 

Non-continuous Profiles

We supply and install the following spouting profiles that are available in sectional lengths up to 8.5m. We work with all the major roll-formers in Christchurch and can supply nearly any spouting profile you require.

115 Box Gutter

115 Box Gutter has a modern square outline for residential homes.


Box Gutter

125 Box Gutter is designed

primarily for light commercial buildings but can be installed on residentials homes.

Half Round

A classy-looking shape that suits architectural homes. Comes with internal and external brackets.

Quad Gutter

A chunky profile for contemporary houses.

Internal Gutter

Internal Gutter generally comes in Klass and Taylor profiles and sits inside the fascia.

Commercial Box These gutters start at 175 mm for light industrial up to whatever size necessary to suit heavy commercial.


Galv Box & D spouting is the old spouting that still remains on many older homes. If repairs are required we can match your existing spouting. It comes in 115 and 125 mm profiles.

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